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Here are my 11 suggestions for getting a job as a pipeline welder:
  1. Spend several hours researching welding forums searching on terms like "pipeline jobs", "pipeline welding", and "pipeline welding certification test." You need to get a feel for the pipeline welding industry.
  2. If you still want to go for it, decide whether you want to joint a union or go the non-union route. (this is a subject for a whole article all by itself)
  3. If you want to be a union pipeline welder, contact the pipeliners local 798 in Tulsa,OK and let them guide you or change your mind.
  4. If you decide to go the non-union route, search job websites like monster and careerbuilder for terms such as "pipeline welder" or "pipeline welding."
  5. Learn the welding test requirements by hook or by crook. Call the test supervisor and learn the welding test criteria. Every contractor is likely to administer different welding tests. For example, some require the pipeline welder to cut,bevel, and weld a typical connection. It has been my experience that some weld test supervisors are just looking for a way to fail you. Other weld test supers will actually give tips and advice. Every job is different and there is no one single welding test that is the standard. That is just the way it is.
  6. Find a way to practice the test on mock ups that exactly represent what will be required. Practice enough to have confidence that you will be able to pass the welding test.
  7. Arrange a pipeline welding test date and show up early.
  8. Do not, I repeat ...Do not be cocky or arrogant. The test shop supervisor has you by the short hairs. This is the time to give him the respect he deserves as test shop supervisor and to say yes sir and no sir.
  9. Ask questions. For example, Can I use a grinder? Will you fail me for grinding too much? Do you need to inspect the fitup? root pass? hot pass? Learning what will fly and what will not is crucial to passing the welding test.
  10. Take your time unless there is a time limit. Relax and try not to be nervous. Keep all arc strikes and grinder marks within the bevel. Weld the joint or joints and chip brush and grind anything that needs it. (if allowed)
  11. Pray. You might want to do this one first.